Artistic Direction

Accademia Corale AERCO Andrea Angelini

Artistic Direction of the AERCO Choral Academy

The Artistic Direction of the AERCO Choral Academy is entrusted to Andrea Angelini and Silvia Biasini

Andrea Angelini

Born in Bologna, Italy, Andrea Angelini began his piano studies as a child, at the Rimini Lettimi School. He later earned a second level degree in Piano at Ferrara’s Frescobaldi Conservatory. After earning a Master in Choral Conducting he studied music therapy with Professor Cremaschi of Milan University. His interests led him to the choral field, and he earned a Bachelor studying at the International Art Academy in Rome with Fulvio Angius. He also studied organ at Pesaro’s Conservatory of Music. Finally, he got his second level degree in Choral Conducting at the Cesena Conservatoire of Music.

He is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the professional group Musica Ficta Vocal Ensemble that frequently performs in important Festivals in Italy and abroad. For many years, Andrea Angelini has conducted concerts with the choir Carla Amori, in Italy and abroad. Named Director of the Rimini Community Choir, Alessandro Grandi, he led this choir in several performances, including in important venues such as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome – where he was able to personally meet Pope John Paul II – and in Milan’s Cathedral. He has also conducted the Belarusian National Capella Choir, the Lithuanian Jauna Muzika Choir, the Latvian Ave Sol, the Ukrainian Ave Musica, the Russian Domestik and the Tudor Consort from New Zealand. Andrea Angelini is the Artistic Director of the Choral Festival Voci nei Chiostri held annually in Emilia Romagna Region. He has been member of the Jury at many International Choir’s Competitions in Italy, Europe and Asia. He frequently leads choral workshops in Italy and abroad (Romania, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia, Hungary, Malaysia, Indonesia, Croatia and China).

He has been the artistic director and one of the tutors at the Rimini International Choral Workshop, where he taught with Peter Phillips, director of the Tallis Scholars. Mr. Angelini is also the artistic director of the Rimini International Choral Competition, of the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Competition and of the Queen of the Adriatic Sea Choral Festival and Competition and of the Liviu Borlan Choral Festival. He is the Editor of the International Choral Bulletin (ICB), the membership magazine of the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) and of Dirigo, the choral magazine of the National Association of Italian Choral Directors.

He has written numerous transcriptions and arrangements for choirs and chamber ensembles. His transcription of Faure’s Requiem is published by Gelber Hund Verlag of Berlin. For the American CanticaNOVA Publication, he has prepared transcriptions of important Renaissance Motets. He has published his composition with Eurarte and Ferrimontana. He has been a member for Italy of the World Choir Council. Actually he is the President of AERCO, the Emilia-Romagna Regional Association of Choirs.

Silvia Biasini

Silvia Biasini was born in Cesena in 1988. Already started studying piano and composition, in July 2018 she obtained the second level degree in Choir Direction and Choral Composition (110 cum laude) and honorable mention) at the Conservatory “G. B. Martini ” of Bologna. She attended the “Guido d’Arezzo” School for Choir Conductors under the guidance of the Lorenzo Donati, Luigi Marzola, Nicole Corti, Luigi Leo, Carlo Pavese and Peter Broadbent. Deepens the study of choral conducting with M. Filippo Maria Bressan and Tonü Kaljuste.

Since 2009 he has been conductor of the MusiCæsena Academy Choir and of the MusiCæsena Vocal Group. She is the artistic director of the “Sounds and Colors” concert season which this year has reached its seventh edition. An important season for the city with major events such as the Requiem and the Krönungsmesse by W. A. Mozart. In addition to the intense concert activity, she carries out an important work of musical study by proposing increasingly sophisticated and unusual repertoires.

Alongside the activity of director, she is an expert in musical preparatory and musical theater for the Primary Schools of the Province of Forlì-Cesena. She teaches at the C. and G. Andreoli Music School Foundation in Mirandola. Since 2016 she has been a member of the Artistic Commission of AERCO and from 2017 to 2018 conductor of the Regional Youth Choir.

Accademia Corale AERCO Silvia Biasini
Accademia Corale AERCO Luca Buzzavi

Artistic Direction of the Gregorian Chant School

Luca Buzzavi

The Artistic Direction of the Gregorian Chant School is entrusted to Luca Buzzavi, with the collaboration of Michael Guastalla

Luca Buzzavi obtained with full marks the second level degree in Prepolyphony at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin under the guidance of Prof. Fulvio Rampi, the first level diploma in Choir Direction and Choral Composition (with honors and mention of honor) at the L. Campiani Conservatory of Mantua, the master in Physics (with honors) at the University of Bologna, the 1st level University Masters in Teaching and Psychopedagogy for DSA and SEN and in Strategies and good practices in the classes multicultural (both with honors). He studied Classical Guitar and attended numerous masterclasses on choral conducting (in particular at the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation with Donati, Marzola, Marzilli, Pavese, Berrini, Graden, Corti, Busto, Rasmussen, Lah, Broadbent, and in other intensive courses with Phillips, Krawczynski, Leech), Orchestra Conducting (Nicotra, De Palma) and on Musical Didactics and Pedagogy (Leo, Astulez, Visioli, Piccardi, Oetterli, Paduano).

He teaches classical guitar, ear training and choral singing at the Andreoli Foundation of the municipalities of the Northern Area of Modena, where he prepares the choral singing class consisting of the Aurora Children and Youth Choir. For the same Foundation he is an external expert in the Primary School for projects related to Musical Preparation and the School Choir and a member of the Disability Project team.

He is artistic director of Accademia Corale Teleion (Poggio Rusco – MN) where he follows the Gamma Chorus chamber choir and the Gregorian Schola Matilde di Canossa, organizes and holds seminars and summer courses with illustrious teachers on Gregorian Chant and Polyphony; in particular he is artistic director and teacher at the School and the Summer Course of Gregorian Chant in collaboration between the Teleion Choral Academy and the professional ensemble Cantori Gregoriani. He taught the 1st Online Course of Gregorian Chant and the 2nd Online Course: Topicality and Rhetoric in Gregorian Chant, promoted by AERCO. He is a member of the editorial committee of the magazines FarCoro and Dirigo, lecturer at the regional course for school choir directors promoted by AERCO and a member of the Artistic Commission of USCI Lombardia. He has obtained important results and awards in national choral competitions as director, composer and commissioner.

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